Shameless selfie day!

Shameless selfie day!

when girls claim that they’re not feminists I laugh and laugh because no. 

Maja Watches: Requim for a dream


I stupidly went into this movie with high expectations and I also watched it with someone else. Normally when trying to see movies for the first time, I will watch them alone so that I can fully absorb them without other peoples influences.

The movie in it self didn’t satisfy me to the point I thought it would. I felt a stronger connection to Sara’s character throughout the whole movie and I felt though as Harry’s story weren’t nearly as compelling. I will admit I am somewhat biased considering I don’t really like Jared Leto, but I gave him a fair chance. As someone who enjoys a lot of symbolic in films, I didn’t really enjoy this one. The biggest plus would be Jennifer Connelly who played brilliant and looked effortlessly beautiful throughout the whole movie.


Would not watch again.

The eerie feeling of being intoxicated and suddenly letting all thoughts you’ve shunned for a week quietly surface in your head all at once just to remind you that things can never be easy. 

I’ll just go and watch some Louis Theroux now.

With a new year, comes new resolutions and reflections. Without sounding regretful, I know 2013 was a year consisting of more downfalls than anything. The first half of the year was probably the lowest I’ve ever been, but oh so important that time was. The latter part of the year was like a blur, although content, I was suddenly lacking of time. Maybe a tad late, but I’ve learned that I’ve found out which people to focus around and which to not. I’ve gone thru the most part of my life with a throbbing heart anytime anyone felt any sort of lesser feelings towards me, like I had to make it my mission to get everyone in my presence to tolerate me. I’ve finally learned to let that slowly pass, but it has taken its toll on me. I’m just simply becoming more indifferent and it feels good

So without further ado, heres my resolutions for 2014:

- Spend more time appreciating the small moments

- Read more books and watch more movies

- Learn to spend time by myself again

- Write every week

- Cherish the people deserving of it 

Since Tumblr is such a fine way of self-expression, I figured I would take upon the act of blogging again. This will become somewhat more of a personal place from now on and the design will go thru some changes in the near future. 

Best regards,